Aws Gcp Azure Services Comparison

Services AWS Azure GCP
PaaS AWS Elastic Beanstalk Azure App Service App Engine
IaaS AWS EC2 Virtual Machines Compute Engine
Images Amazon Machine Images (AMI) VM Image Images
Templates provisioning AWS CloudFormation Azure Resource Manager templates Cloud Deployment Manager
Automatic instance scaling AWS Auto Scaling Azure Autoscale Autoscaling groups
Containers Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Container Service Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Google Kubernetes Engine
Virtual private server Lightsail - -
Container register Amazon Elastic Container Registry(ECR) Azure Container Registry(ACR) Google Container Registry(GCR)
Serverless Functions AWS Lambda Azure Functions Google Cloud Functions
RDBMS Amazon Relational Database Service Azure SQL Database Google Cloud SQL
NoSQL: Key–Value Amazon DynamoDB Table Storage Google Cloud Datastore Google Cloud Bigtable
NoSQL: Indexed Amazon SimpleDB Azure Cosmos DB Google Cloud Datastore
Database migration AWS Database Migration Service Azure Database Migration Service Database Migration Service
Object Storage Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) Blob Storage Google Cloud Storage
Virtual Server Disks Amazon Elastic Block Store Managed Disks Google Compute Engine Persistent Disks
Cold Storage Amazon Glacier Azure Archive Blob Storage Google Cloud Storage Nearline
File Storage Amazon Elastic File System(EFS) Azure File Storage Filestore
Hybrid storage AWS Storage gateway StorSimple Egnyte Sync
Data transfer Snowball edge Data Box Storage transfer service
Virtual Network Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Networks (VNets) Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)
Load Balancing/Application load balancing Elastic Load Balancer(ELB) Azure Load Balancer Application Gateway Google Cloud Load Balancing
Peering with dedicated network Direct Connect ExpressRoute Google Cloud Interconnect
VPC peering VPC peering Virtual network peering VPC Network Peering
DNS Amazon Route 53 Azure DNS Google Cloud DNS
CDN Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network Cloud CDN
Key Management AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Azure Key Vault Cloud Key Management
Firewalls AWS Firewall Manager Azure Firewall Manager Hierarchical Firewall Policies
Web Application Firewalls AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) Azure Web Application Firewall Cloud Armor
Virtual Private Network Firewalls AWS Network Firewall Azure Firewall VPC firewall
Identity and Access Management AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure Active Directory (AD) Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Mobile and Web Application Control Amazon Cognito Azure Active Directory B2C Identity Platform
Single Sign-On AWS Single Sign-On Azure Active Directory single sign-on Single sign-on (SSO)